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Customised for Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Restaurants

The KitMan System is specifically customised for either Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Restaurants.





The KitMan system has already been customised and proven for a number of market sectors and types of organisation.

The full system comes with your suppliers, products, departments, service areas and budget headings all configured by Olympus to your requirement.  This is accompanied by a selection of recipes and menus suitable for your target market that can be easily adapted to individual customer tastes within days.

Training packages are tailored to suit your users and particular operation.  We can even include a consultant to analyse your current systems, procedures and objectives to ease the implementation and minimise the impact on existing staff.

Education - Universities, Colleges, Schools and Teaching Chefs

A dedicated recipe bank including specialist teaching recipes written by our extensive user base of chef lecturers.

University and College Refectories can control centrally multiple catering outlets with different offerings.

It includes a bespoke Lecturer Order System to manage the food requirement for classes.

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Healthcare - NHS and Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospices and Residential Care

A dedicated recipe bank developed in conjunction with professional healthcare catering professionals.

It supports nutritional information, special diets, religious and cultural customs and allergens with detailed support information and links to reputable support organisations for further reading.

We have customers varying from hospices to multi-site NHS Hospital Trusts.

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Hospitality - Hotel Chains, Independent Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants and Cafes

Originally developed and tested for independent and group hotels the system has gone on to prove itself in any catering outlet where the chef, kitchen manager or owner wants detailed information on how the outlet is performing to the achieve the organisation's objectives.

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Even of the entry level versions come with a sector specific training copy showing worked examples and best practice suggestions.  This enables both existing and new staff to be trained or practice without effecting your live system.

Download Free Trial Software

Free 30 Day Software Trial

If your business could benefit from Kitchen Management Software we now offer a free 30 day trial with no obligation.  We then offer scalable monthly or annual license options so there are no up front capital costs.

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Referral Scheme

Referral Scheme

We also offer a referral scheme for any Organisations that you introduce that go on to a paid license we pay out first months licence fee license either directly to you, to your organisation or to charity.

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