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Internal Food Order - Central Catering Stores with current prices

An Internal Food Ordering System for Chef Lecturers, Conferences, Banqueting, Events, Ward Ordering to Central Catering Stores or Production Kitchen





Food Ordering System for Chef Lecturers, Conferences, Banqueting, Events and Ward Ordering

In a situation where stock is being issued from a central location to multiple users / locations then KitMan Online would be an ideal solution. This provides full traceability of the transfer and allows the requisition to be costed at the point of order; it is quick and easy to use and there are no restrictions on the number of departments.

  • Recipes can be used to rapidly order regular and scaleable shopping lists.
  • Products can be sourced from multiple suppliers but only the nominated source is available to order online.  This means you can manage what items and at what cost are made available to the end user.
  • All requisitions are stored, editable and repeatable so regular orders are even simpler.
  • It records the amount ordered, dispatched and returned plus the returned items can be accepted or rejected.
  • Online service so requisitions can be placed from anywhere with no special software to install.
  • Flexible compilation of the Products required and a comprehensive set of reports included.
  • Web-based requisition system for internal functions, buffets, food transfers all costed at the point of order. Record actual dispatch, returns and wastage then report on internal recharges.

Requisition systems are often designed by accountants or techies so are complicated and time consuming.  KitMan online has been designed by caterers and used successfully to control costs in catering colleges for over six years.

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Free 30 Day Software Trial

If your business could benefit from Kitchen Management Software we now offer a free 30 day trial with no obligation.  We then offer scalable monthly or annual license options so there are no up front capital costs.

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Referral Scheme

Referral Scheme

We also offer a referral scheme for any Organisations that you introduce that go on to a paid license we pay out first months licence fee license either directly to you, to your organisation or to charity.

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